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Welcome to South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center

Are you looking for affordable equine colic assistance?

Beau is a 27 year old Arab gelding who was found all banged up in his stall one morning. The person who found him was not sure if he was cast or colicking overnight. It soon became apparent that he was colicky. One of our doctors tended to Beau on the farm and after many hours of treatment, recommended that he come to the clinic where he could receive better treatment and diagnostics, including IV fluids for dehydration. Fortunately for Beau, his mom, Joanne, had enrolled him in the colic assistance plan, so there was no immediate financial burden with referral for further medical and or surgical treatment. Upon arrival Beau was stabilized. Further testing and monitoring, as well as Beau's nonrresponsive pain, made him a candidate for surgery. Beau was taken to surgery within a few hours of his arrival. His problem was corrected and now he is back at home with his mom recovering wonderfully!

Joanne and Beau, Colic Assistance Plan

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Introducing our
Clinic Care Center

We now have a retail section at our office called the Clinic Care Center. Selling items such as wound care products, hoof care products and liniments, as well as joint products such as Adequan. In addition we still have our online pharmacy and our doctors can bring products to your farm
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Our Doctors and staff are happy to provide you and your horse routine and specialized medical care
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Weare available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for you and your horse. Give us a call at 781.585.2611 we can help. You can also email us with a non-emergency question.

"...We have experienced only the finest care from you and your terrific staff for the routine, successful breeding, dietary advice, lameness and recovery, hoof care and general farm management. You and your staff make my life as a horse owner better and give us a sense of security that cannot be measured!!"

- Marcia B; Marshfield, MA




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