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Events & Clinics

January 23 Alphabet Soup (PRP, IRAP, ACS): ABC's about Joint, Tendon, and Ligament Therapies
February 6 Equine Allergies: Sneezes, Wheezes, and Hives, Oh my!
February 20 Rescue 911: Facts about Equine Emergencies and Insurance for your Horse
March 12 Alternative Therapy*: How does it work? (*with demonstration of Acupuncture)
March 26 Bad Tick, Bad Tick, Whatcha gonna do... Current Information on Risks, Treatment Options, and Prevention of Lyme Disease
January 24 Horse Owner 101: Things EVERY Horse Owner Needs To Know
February 7 Unveiling the Mysteries of Foot Lameness: Laminitis, Navicular Disease, Coffin Joints...
February 21 Senior Horses: Special Conditions and Considerations
March 7 Performance Dentistry: What is all the Buzz about the Power Float?
March 21 Colic: Risk, Prevention and Treatment
April 4 Joint Therapies: Common Myths and Facts
January 25 Tendon & Suspensory Injuries in the Performance Horse
February 8 Dentistry: Oral Exam & New Techniques in Dental Care
February 22 Lyme Disease: Does My Horse Have It?
March 8 Colic: Early Prevention is Best
March 16 Mares and Foals: What to Expect When you are Expecting...
March 22 Laminitis: Risks & Treatments
April 12 Nutrition: What is the Best Diet for My Horse?
May 24 Wound Management: Basic Scratches to Penetrating Injuries
November 11 Equine Affaire: Mares & Foals
November 11 Equine Affaire: Examining Tendon & Suspensory Injuries
February 5 Equine Emergency Care (Martha's Vinyrad, MA)
March 18 Equine Joint Therapies
March 24 Barn Safety & Emergencies
November 12 Equine Affaire: Lyme Disease
January 30 Disease Control on your Farm: Focus on Strangles
March 12 Equine Nutrition: Feeding the Metabolic/ Cushingoid Horse
April 2 Tick Borne Diseases: Detection and Treatment
April 23 Maintaining the Equine Athlete: Emphasis on Foot Lameness
May 7 Equine Nutrition (Martha's Vinyard, MA)
July 9 Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
November 13 Equine Affaire Presentation: Joint Therapies
November 13 Equine Affaire Presentation: Lyme Disease
January 24 Barn Safety & First Aid
February 24 Open House
February 28 Vaccinations & Disease Control on Your Farm
March 14 Care of the Equine Athlete (Martha's Vineyard)
April 11 Joint Disease & Non-surgical Joint Therapy
June 24 Safe Trailering in an Emergency
October 25 Colic Prevention Clinic: For the Horse Owner