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24 hour Emergency Care

Examples of Urgent Emergencies:

  Non-weight bearing lameness
  Eye related problems
  Broken bones
  Heavy bleeding
  Horse trapped in stall, trailer, or fence
  Mare in labor unable to deliver the foal

Examples of Emergencies that should be seen in the same day:

  Mild colic that does not resolve in 30-45 minutes
  All eye related problem
  Sudden loss of coordination or balance
  Lacerations or trauma
  Weak foal that is unable to nurse
  Choke (saliva coming from the nose)
  High fever with inappetence
  Dull horse with inappetence
  Retained placenta (more than 3 hours)

Have the following ready BEFORE you call our office:

  Referring Veterinarian's contact information (if applicable)
  Owner's name, address, phone number, and credit card information
  Name, age, breed, and sex of the horse
  Street address of farm where the horse is located & be prepared to give directions
  Description of the problem
  Insurance company name and phone number (if applicable)
  Paper and pencil to write down instructions
If you have an emergency, STAY CALM and call the hospital 781-585-2611. If you get a recording, leave a message in the emergency mailbox that includes a phone number where you can be reached. Stay by the phone and keep the telephone line free. Your call will be returned promptly.

*If you do not hear back from a doctor in 20 minutes, please call back, as they may be involved in another emergency or may not have received the emergency page.



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