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What's Your Diagnosis?

Great guesses everyone!  Thanks for your participation! The gait abnormality pictured in the video is in fact, stringhalt in the right hindlimb.  This is an abnormality that can affect one or both hindlimbs, and is seen as a hyperflexion of the limb. This can be anywhere from a mild, spasmodic lifting and grounding of the foot to the extreme case in which the foot is drawn sharply up until it touches the belly and is then struck violently on the ground.   The cause is unknown, but has been associated with toxic ingestion of certain weeds in the USA and Australia. 

There are MANY potential reasons why a horse may have an abnormal hindlimb gait.  Sometimes, a horse may present in a similar fashion and have an abscess in it's foot!  This is where the veterinarians at South Shore Equine Clinic are here to help with ALL of your lameness needs.  We perform comprehensive lameness examinations and diagnostics to help you and your horse arrive at an answer.  Don't forget-during the month of JULY, receive a free office visit with any lameness examination scheduled at the clinic.

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