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Local Equine Clinic Unveils New Surgical LASER Center
Equine LASER Surgery

PLYMPTON, MA –– SOUTH SHORE EQUINE CLINIC & DIAGNOSTIC CENTER, at 151 PALMER ROAD in PLYMPTON announces the immediate offering of laser surgery to horse owners in the eastern Massachusetts area. The addition is part of the South Shore Equine Clinic’s continued investment in advanced technologies and progressive procedures in veterinary medicine.

Lasers have been used in human medicine for over 30 years, but are just beginning to appear in the veterinary field as doctors and animal lovers learn more about the benefits they can provide. Research indicates that the horse is increasingly treated as a member of the family, and maintaining a quality of life for that horse is very important to the owner. Dr. Mark T. Reilly, owner of South Shore Equine Clinic, has seen the ongoing evolution of the human-animal bond.

“More and more, clients are demanding the highest levels of care for their horses," states Dr. Reilly.  “Laser surgery provides us with an opportunity to meet the needs of our patients, and offer the highest levels of care possible.  We have been using the carbon dioxide laser since we opened, but have recently added a diode laser for endoscopic procedures.”

Laser surgery has several benefits over traditional scalpel surgery, including reduced pain, less bleeding and swelling, and generally faster recovery times. During surgery, the laser beam sterilizes as it cuts, and seals both blood vessels and nerve endings. It is this sealing process that minimizes the bleeding and pain for the animal. 

While the laser can be used for most surgical procedures, castrations, digital neurectomies, throat surgery, and skin tumor removal in particular is where lasers prove their superiority over other surgical methods. The versatility of the laser allows a doctor to incise, ablate and coagulate with one tool, decreasing the time the surgery would take by traditional means. Additionally, the power of the laser can be adjusted to allow the doctor to perform very delicate surgeries removing a few cells or a single ingrown hair follicle at a time. Many animal lovers see the laser as the most humane surgical option available.

Dr. Reilly summarizes, “We pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of technology and medicine, and educating are clients on the various levels of care available. Laser surgery is the future of veterinary medicine, and we feel our clients deserve to have that option when choosing the best care for their horse.”

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