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Protective & Disease Control Measures

Important Protective Disease Control Measures for ANY & ALL Stables:

1. There should be ONE entrance for ALL persons at each farm. There should be a foot bath for all to dip their feet into prior to entering the barn. Each person is also REQUIRED to step in the foot bath upon leaving the premises.

2. There should also be hand disinfectant available adjacent to the foot bath area. EACH person should be required to disinfect their hands prior to handling any horses or tack. Each person is also required to use the hand disinfectant upon leaving the premises.

NOTE: the foot bath should be changed daily. All organic debris should be cleaned from the hands prior to using the disinfectant.

3. ALL horses should be kept up to date with proper inoculations (vaccines). Flu (influenza) and rhinopneumonitis (Herpes or EHV-1) should be administered at least twice yearly.

4. All NEWLY arriving horses to a facility should be placed in an isolation area for 10 to 14 days.  This area should allow the horse(s) in question to be at least 35 to 40 feet away from other horses at ALL times.  It can take up to 2 weeks for horse to show fevers or evidence of infectious disease.  It also has been shown that the viral particles can be aerosolized up to 35 feet.