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Questions & Answers
What services does South Shore Equine Clinic provide to the horse community?
I see a lot of horses getting their hocks injected. Some horses get theirs injected every few months. Is this healthy?
I have been finding red urine spots in the snow, should I be worried?
My horse is a "cryptorchid". What does this mean?
How do I know when I need to send a horse with colic to your hospital versus treating it at the farm?
I have a horse with a clubbed foot. My vet would like me to further increase the angle of the foot to reduce tension on the deep digital flexor (DDF) tendon, which he says is too tight. Won’t the tendon tighten up even more and make the problem worse if we do this?
What is all this about West Nile Virus? Should I be worried?
My horse is a chronic cribber. I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
My horse has been lame for over 2 years. No one can seem to find out what the problem is. Any suggestions?
I have heard a lot about "shockwave therapy" lately. What is this and what does it do?
My horse has been diagnosed with "degenerative joint disease". What does this mean?
Why does my horse "slap" one of his back feet on the ground at a walk?
My horse has swelling around all four fetlock joints. When I asked my trainer about it, she told me that they were “windpuffs”. What are “windpuffs”?
What is Navicular Inflammation? Where is the "Navicular Bone"? How Does Navicular Inflammation Arise? Why Does Navicular Inflammation Occur? What are the clinical signs? How is Navicular Inflammation Diagnosed? How is Navicular Inflammation Treated?
What is Distal Tarsitis? What are the distal tarsal joints?How does distal tarsitis arise? What are the clinical signs?How is distal tarsitis diagnosed?How is distal tarsitis treated?