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Karen Fabian
Marketing and Project Manager
Sarah Wojtyto

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Karen Fabian is Marketing/Project Manager at South Shore Equine Clinic, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and community relations. Prior to joining South Shore Equine Clinic, she worked in strategic business development, retail marketing and advertising at several companies, and served on many community foundations. Notable is her years as Gallery Owner and Artist Representative at Artist Exposure Gallery where she featured world renound and up and coming artists producing exhibitions throughout New England.

Karen is a seasoned marketer with a passion for brand building through great creative. Karen began her career in television and print production at Reebok International during the sneaker wars when we were telling the world to “pump up and air out” moving into a digital career in coffee and donuts as “America Runs on Dunkin” at Dunkin’ Brands.

Karen grew up south of Boston in Hanover, MA and continues to raise her family on the south shore. “Horses have always been a source of inspiration.” She has been fascinated by them from the time she could draw. As A child she played horses on her hands and knees. Growing up next to a barn gave daily access to the horses immediately when they got off the school bus. They have always been a part of her soul. During the time when Karen owned the gallery, she began to feel a kinship with them. Several elite exhibitions and photographing for featured artists showed her the amazing emotional bond that horses have with humans.

Off the clock, Karen can be found watching her three children play ice hockey, field hockey or lacrosse. Weekends are at the beach, in the garden or have even been known to be in a hot air balloon or jumping from a plane. She enjoys organizing committee group fundraising for ALS.ONE, Relay for Life, Special Olympics or church activities. She is thrilled to take all of this experience and share it with the team at South Shore Equine Clinic.