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Lisa Brouillard : Client Service Representative
Lisa Brouillard

Lisa Brouillard has been riding horses her whole life. Grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts and like many young girls she begged her parents for years for her own horse. That wish came true when she got her first horse a Palomino named “Stardust” on her 12th birthday.  She has had a horse ever since. She competed in Hunter Jumper and Completive Trail Riding as a teen and young adult.

Lisa began to teach over 20 years ago.  Teaching beginner students is a specialty of hers.  Wanting to teach a positive method of horsemanship and riding to her students is important to her. Lisa encourages her students to form a trusting partnership on the ground and in the saddle with their horses. In the end it ensures a better future for horses and the people who share their lives with them.

Lisa has several years’ experience as a Veterinarian Assistant as well as managing large and small equine facilities over the years. She is the owner of Black Horse Farm Located in Middleboro, MA. Lisa earned her Riding Instructor Certificate thru the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) in 2009. She also is certified through Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) in 2008. She has devoted many years to rescuing and training rescue horses. Her current horse partners are two ex- Premerain Percheron mares named “Biggest” and “Indie”.

Lisa loves to garden and cook. Lisa enjoys all animals including her Australian Shepherd Lilly.

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to continue to learn and gain knowledge at South Shore Equine.