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Sherri Schmidt
Client Service Representative

Sherri resides in Rockland, MA and is a long time animal lover who has many years of experience in the veterinary field. She began volunteering at the newly opened animal hospital at the age of 12 in Abington. She felt this opportunity was perfect to gain more knowledge of the animals she loved so much! She attended high school at Norfolk County Agricultural High School focusing on the treatment and care of animals. While in this program she worked on both large and small animals and gained valuable insight and hands on training.  She continued working at the animal hospital while going to school and became well rounded in the field of veterinary medicine. She was able to get the hands on experience, and also see how a business is grown from the ground up. She knew the field of veterinary medicine is where her heart belonged.

She was offered a high end management position in Boston by one of the animal hospital’s clients and decided to try it to develop her business management skills. She worked at State Street Corporation for twelve years, acquiring the skills needed to properly manage and increase productivity. During this time she continued working part time with animals and tried to bring my new management expertise to the veterinary office. After twelve years she was laid off from this position and says it was probably her prayers being answered.

She has four children (two of my own and two step children) and enjoys spending quality time with them.  After a short hiatus from working, Sherri pursued a full time job working with animals. She felt the opportunity to work at South Shore Equine Clinic was too good to be true as it gave her the perfect opportunity to use her business knowledge and combine it with her love for animals.

As a customer service representative, Sherri  feels like “I am where I belong. Not only do I get to assist clients and their loved animals, but I get to assist the doctors and truly make a difference. I look forward to learning as much as I can and just steadily increasing my knowledge so I can be a valuable asset to the team at SSEC”.