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Tom Gregory: In-house Farrier

Tom Gregory is originally from Wellington, Florida. He graduated from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California with a degree in animal science. Tom has spent over 35 years as a farrier. He travelled to Atlanta, Georgia with the United States Olympic Equestrian Team. He has held over 30 farrier educational seminars in Europe. He was the resident farrier at the Wellington horse shows in Wellington, Florida and has been shoeing circuit horses for over 20 years.

Tom Gregory offers a variety of services and is also available to work with your own farrier. His services include the following:


Therapeutic shoeing

Laminitic evaluations & shoeing

Contracted heels

Quarter cracks & toe cracks

Young horses with contracted tendons or club feet

Hoof wall resections

Advanced white line disease

Chronic abscesses


Hospital plates

All types of corrective shoeing

Tom Gregory is available for in-house appointments at South Shore Equine Clinic & appointments at your farm. You can schedule an appointment for your horse(s) at the clinic by calling our office telephone number 781-585-2611. To schedule an appointment at your farm call Tom directly at 561-762-5545.