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Margaux W. Buchanan, DVM
Dr. Margaux Buchanan

Dr. Margaux Buchananis originally from Fairfield, CT and comes from a long family history of passion for horses; every woman on her father's side of the family is involved in equine sport, and her mother grew up on a working farm in Indiana. She started riding at a young age and has never forgotten the exhilaration of the first time she cantered a horse on her own. After graduating from Smith College in Northampton MA in 2007, Dr. Buchanan rode Connemara ponies across county Claire, Ireland before attending veterinary school at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. During her veterinary schooling, Dr. Buchanan worked as an overnight extern at the university, and did several off site externships in California. This honed her passion for the equine patient and critical care.  

After graduating in 2011, Dr Buchanan completed an internship at East Coast Equine in Vero Beach FL, where she fine tuned her anesthesia skills and fell in love with general sport horse practice. Dr. Buchanan then relocated to Modesto, California and spent three years practicing on the western performance horse, as well as the occasional 3 day eventer, hunter/jumper and polo pony. Her scope of practice included a focus on preventative medicine, dentistry, lameness, reproduction and diagnostics.

Margaux W. Buchanan, D.V.M.Dr Buchanan has a passion for education and community involvement. While in California, Dr. Buchanan worked with Oakdale Equine Rescue and National Equine Resource Network to provide low cost gelding and vaccination clinics to the surrounding low-income community. Seeing the benefit this provided to the public, Dr Buchanan helped set up semi-annual clinics to continue to give back to the community. In addition, Dr. Buchanan has given numerous talks ranging from how to properly bandage a leg in many situations, to adjunctive therapies for the sport horse to the latest in geriatric medicine. Her professional interests include dentistry, sport horse practice, preventative medicine, lameness diagnosis, podiatry, anesthesia, pain management and geriatric medicine. While Dr. Buchanan has a passion for all equine disciplines, and originally comes from a hunter/jumper background, Margaux is currently playing polo. When not under a horse or riding one, she enjoys surfing, skiing, cuddling her dogs and cats and traveling to exotic locales.